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EUThe European Parliament is urging Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, who would all like to become EU members, to improve gay rights.


In its 2012 accession report, the parliament urged the EU hopefuls to make greater efforts in tackling discrimination against LGBT people.

Turkey was asked to include homophobia and transphobia in its hate crime laws and to end the Turkish army’s classification of homosexuality as a ‘psychosexual illness’.

Concerns were expressed about Serbia’s ‘lack of political will… to ensure the safety of participants of the Pride Parade’ in 2011, and ‘strongly condemned inflammatory and discriminatory remarks on the topic by some politicians and members of the orthodox clergy’ were blasted.

Montenegro’s efforts were praised, with the parliament welcoming its recent adoption of the Law Against Discrimination, which explicitly mentions sexual orientation and gender identity.

The resolution on Kosovo urged the government to implement a ‘broad anti-discrimination strategy’ on all grounds, as discrimination is still a serious problem in the country.

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