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Learn more about muxes in Juchitán who identify neither as men nor women.

VICE channel MUNCHIES have travelled to Juchitán, Mexico to meet and photograph several Mexican muxes as they prepare traditional dishes and explain their backgrounds.

Muxes (pronounced moo-shays), which translates to “woman”, refers to Juchitán’s third gender – a population who identify neither as men nor as women. Because of this understanding, muxes often don’t face the same level of discrimination that gay men or trans women do in Juchitán.

MUNCHIES speak with La Toya, Gala, Felina and Mistica about muxe culture and traditional Mexican food – which ranges from deer stew to iguana.

Gala states, “We are not men or women. We are a third gender. Men are men and women are women – and muxes are muxes.”

Delve into the lives of muxes in Juchitán, Mexico.

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