Comedian delivers hate-filled routine at Liverpool comedy club

In a grotesque abuse of freedom of speech, someone who calls himself a comedian has delivered a routine so offensive on the subject of rape and transgender people, that it is proving difficult to find a quotation fit for public consumption.

In a video posted on Facebook which, according to Liverpool’s Hot Water Comedy Club, was filmed in front of a live audience, Freddy Quinne wonders “at what point is rape justified?” To Quinne, the answer seems to be the “the fourth date” where, in his laboured and poorly-written anecdote, he has yet to have any physical contact with his date.

So far, so sidesplitting. Yes folks – in the crazy, madcap world of the portly, bearded, balding Quinne, rape is funny. And just in case you didn’t twig the first time, he helpfully points out that “I don’t think you can be held responsible for your actions”.

The gag continues. Quinne’s date turns out to be transgender although, it has to be said, the trans people I know demonstrate far better taste in their choice of partner. Nonetheless, Quinne remains as sharp-witted as ever: “I said to her to get out” before moving on to “I’m going to have the sofa steam-cleaned” and an equally feeble line about his property being devalued.

And now, folks, the pièce de resistance. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of twentieth century history knows that people who we now call LGBT were forced to wear a pink triangle in Nazi Germany and, together with Jews, gypsies, communists and others, were either worked to death or slaughtered on an industrial scale during the Holocaust. But this doesn’t deter Quinne who asks, “Is it too much to ask that trans people wear a badge?”.

LGBT concentration camp inmates wearing pink triangles

Wow. Just wow.

In a not unexpected cop-out, a spokesperson for the Hot Water Comedy Club told OutNews Global, “We do not censor. All content is owned by the comedian himself rather than by us. We are just a platform.”

Trans activist Jake Graf commented, “At a time when the trans community is under such sustained and vitriolic attack, events like this must be called out and stopped. Not only is the “comedian” in question advocating for rape, he then begins a torrent of transphobic slurs that are surely tantamount to hate crime.

“The trans community is currently particularly vulnerable as the Gender Recognition Act comes under review, with trans women frequently being verbally and physically assaulted simply for walking down the street. To encourage this kind of ‘humour’ is to be party to the daily violence. Freddy Quinne should be educated on his dangerous and toxic views on rape and trans issues and the Hot Water Comedy Club should be held accountable for allowing and promoting such hate speech across their channels. Truly saddening to see.”

Jake Graf: “Toxic views.”

OutNews Global believes in free speech. But freedom of speech is not absolute – hate speech and incitement to violence, including rape, are illegal. We have no doubt that opinions like Quinne’s, even when wearing a comedic mantle – contribute to an atmosphere where both cis and trans women feel unsafe when simply going about their day to day lives. Any comedy club with a modicum of decency should not book this man.

17 thoughts on “Comedy club stands by ‘when is rape justified’ comic”

  1. Well done for stripping all context irony and humor from this routine. Feel proud, you have completely misrepresented a hardworking comedian who ran this material by his friends and members of the LGBTQA community before hitting the stage…

    But create some outrage. Contact VB members of the LGBTQA community with half baked half truths scare them and get a quote.

    Smear an entertainers career for your small gains on a crappy media outlet

    Pin that cardboard star on yer chest xxx

  2. I know this club – Hotwater Comedy and used to go there fairly regularly when I worked in Liverpool.

    We stopped going because there was never a balance of men and women performers which seemed a bit odd to me. I like female and male performers and had seen them at comedy clubs elsewhere….

    So I complained that they werent employing enough female comedians – I caluclated from their website that in one six month period they employed just ONE female comic out of a total of 288. If you look at their website now you will see nothing has changed and this is reflected in the sort of material comedians are allowed to do there.

    Every time I visited, it was always a batch of sexist, alpha male comics talking about sex and rape jokes and suchlike. When I did complain they and said they should reflect the composition of their audiences and book more female comedians – perhaps some of the ones we see on the TV regularly, the response I got was:

    “we don’t book on the basis of gender, we book on talent”…which is a clear cut admittance that their opinion is that there is no female who is talented enough in their eyes to perform at their club!

    I am no raging feminist…far from it….but rape is never justified. Joking about rape is never justified and anyone who runs a clun with all male comedians on their bills can expect that this is the sort of material that will end up being performed there.

    1. If you don’t like the type of humour at a comedy club that is your problem, not the club’s.
      It would become the club’s problem if all the audience agreed with you, but judging by the fact that the club is popular, they don’t.

  3. I know this club – used to go when I lived and worked in central Liverpool. It’s always white straight sexist comics and less than 2% of their acts are female. They never have trans, LGBTQI acts or disabled acts on either. Of their current 6 months shows (288 acts in total) two are women, none are trans, none are disabled and only one is gay. We stopped going to the club because I complained to the management that the shows weren’t diverse and lacked female acts -they said “we don’t book on gender, we book on talent”…an outright admission that they thought there weren’t any talented female, trans or LGBTQI acts! We now go to Baby Blue in Liverpool as it’s so much more diverse and they have better acts on!

    1. Yes, let’s book comedians based on their genitals and who they like to have sex with.
      That will make everything better.
      Get woke, go broke.

  4. I’ve seen the bit(s) which this relates to and they don’t look informed by anyone in the LGBT community. According to what I have seen on Facebook, this comic was warned not to do those bits because they would be deemed offensive by an LGBT crowd. I’m afraid if you are going to try and do comedy about sensitive subjects like identity or sexuality then you really need to have some intellectual candle power to make that happen. I’m not sensing a great deal of intellect behind those bits nor any self-awareness or any knowledge of history, as this comics’ lack of knowledge about the pink badges that were used in Dachau, Belsen and Sobibor by the Nazis evinces so obviously. Mr Quinn does not deserve to be lambasted out of his job but he needs to be given an opportunity to show where he went wrong and made to think again. The club should too…by perhaps learning that they need to have have a much more diverse set of comedians, who in most cases self regulate…without LGBT and female voices and all- or mostly male – line-ups, these sorts of faux pas are bound to happen, to self-reinforce and create an atmosphere of acceptability about this kind of material. That is the lesson from other walks of life. By the way, it is not enough to have token female, trans or LGBT acts – the lineups must reflect the composition of the audience, surely if that club wants to stay in business?

  5. This is an useless article. You are not going to get your point across if you don’t link the original. This is just a waste of time.

  6. “In a grotesque abuse of freedom of speech…”

    There’s no such thing, mate. It’s free for all, or free for no one.

  7. Dude shut the fuck up. It’s a comedy club. Its a comedy act. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean its offensive. Grow up you little fucking man child.

  8. It’s comedy, so don’t take it seriously as if it’s his actual opinion. You don’t link the scource, which make you seem insincere. The ad hominem’s against his looks make you seem kinda petty as well.

    What happened to lgbt’s in WOII is horrible and rape is everything but funny, but that doesn’t mean jokes about those issues can’t be. Making light of things can actually help people handle difficult situations or issues. If dark humor isn’t your thing, that’s up to you, but don’t go shit out this peace of garbage. Jokes about transgenders won’t hurt their cause, Alienating people with your manufactured outrage probably will.

    (for people who’d like to actually see for themselves, I didn’t find the video but did find the audio:

  9. Since context is irrelevant, you’d better hand yourself over to the authorities for punishment because you quoted him. This makes you worse because you know context is irrelevant.

  10. Congrats to the club for making the right decision.
    How can you create any worthwhile art if you always have to be respectful to everything and everyone?
    It’s impossible.
    If something offends you, call it out and move on with your life, don’t try to ruin people’s careers because of your personal feelings.

    Tell me a really good joke that’s not offensive to anyone… I’ll wait…

  11. The thing that gets me, even though I am left-leaning myself, is that so many people on the Left struggle with understanding who a joke is actually targeting. The joke wasn’t “rape is funny lol”, the joke was that he’s playing a *character* who believes terrible things and that person should be laughed at for how unreasonable they are. For how unreasonable those opinions are. He wasn’t actually advocating for the things he said, he was parodying them and making them the joke. How much more could you oppose something than turning it into a complete (literal) joke?

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