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The various lockdown measures of the pandemic and the subsequent increase in working from home has meant that we’re spending more time than ever in our own homes. A tidy and clean home looks good, but it also has immense health benefits.

When your home environment is clean and well-ordered, there is an undoubted positive impact on your wellbeing. What’s more, if you live among mess and chaos, the opposite can be true. Here are some of the health benefits of a clean home.

You sleep better

Is an undisturbed, peaceful night something you’ve given up on? If you consistently suffer from a bad night’s sleep, try rearranging your bedroom. Even if you think you’re not bothered about living in a shambles, your subconscious may think otherwise, so if you’re worried about – for example –  how to get rid of the mould on the bathroom floor, this okay have a direct impact on how you sleep. 

Emotional stability

When your living space is covered in old newspapers and piles of directly clothes with dust covering every flat surface, it can stress you out. But once everything is sorted out and you’ve put in place a regular cleaning schedule, the stress just falls away with an almost immediate, positive impact on your mental health.

Go germ free

Let’s face it, a clean home is a healthy home. When you don’t clean your home for days on end, microbes and germs throw a party…and they love breeding in exactly the same places where you prepare your food. Flies lay their eggs there too, which is horrible.

Allergy and asthma avoidance

Dust is no friend to allergies and, for people with asthma, it can be deadly. Sweep or vacuum every day and get hold of one of those long dusters so you can reach right up to the ceiling. In short, regular vacuuming is essential to maintain a dust-, dirt- and germ-free environment.

To sum up

If you care about your mental and physical health, you need to care about a healthy environment. Procrastinating that mega-cleaning session is bad for your mental wellbeing but, the good news is, once you get that big deep clean out of the way, you can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and make your gaff look great with less than an hour’s graft per day.

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