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If you’re one of our regular readers – and, if not, why not? – you’ll already know that the silken-voiced Claire Littley is one of our fave musicians du jour. Over the years, Claire has been compared with George Michael, Sade and Lisa Stansfield, but none of these comparisons accurately encapsulate how she manages to make music that is at once laid back and get-up-and-danceable, all delivered in a voice which seems to say, “come over here while I slowly remove all your clothes, and gently-but-firmly massage warm oils from exotic lands into your expectant body, while your minds floats away on a magnolia- and jasmine-infused breeze”. 

Aaaaanyway, Claire’s latest release – Running Back – melds smooth 90’s grooves with some super-sexy sax riffs and ambient synth-sounds to create a soulful house track that has already secured a coveted spot on the OutNewsGlobal Summer 22 playlist. No mean feat, given that we’re probably sent about 20 new releases every single week.

We’re pretty impressed with the video too. Impossibly hot women, mostly in silhouette, conspire with the music and lyrics to deliver a sensuous musical experience which, since her global success with her cover of Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon, has become a hallmark of Claire’s work. 

Running Back is released on Thursday 12 May on all the usual platforms.

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