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ChloeSevignyHitMissTonight Sky Atlantic air it’s new series about an Irish pre-op transgender assassin – ‘Hit & Miss.’


Hit & Miss stars Academy Award® nominee and Golden Globe® winner Chloë Sevigny as transgender Mia, in her first role on British TV.

The series follows Mia in her life as a professional killer, until one day she is left reeling by a letter from a former lover who is dying from cancer, and reveals that she has a child, a ten-year-old son named Ryan (newcomer Jorden Bennie). Travelling to a tiny village in West Yorkshire to meet the youngster, Mia then stumbles upon the rest of Wendy’s brood – Riley (Karla Crome, Doctors), 16, Levi (Reece Noi, Silk), 15, and Leonie (newcomerRoma Christensen), 6 – and discovers that Wendy has died, and she’s been named the children’s legal guardian.

Sevigny was conscious of how a show like Hit & Miss might play into her reputation for controversy. She told Time Out ‘I do have reservations about how people might say: “Oh, here’s Chloë in another shocking piece, blah blah blah, boring boring boring.” But I hope it’ll transcend that. Mia’s so complicated…”

Hit & Miss starts tonight at 10pm on Sky Atlantic

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