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child_gay_filmA Senator has asked to review a film about gay marriage made by a college professor which uses children as actors, reports.

Bob Pondillo, a professor at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), describes his 23-minute film “The Miracles on Honey Bee Hill” as “ a story of tolerance, acceptance and love- that’s right, a fairytale”.

An anonymous student expressed concerns about the use of child actors in the film, but a vice chancellor at the Tennessee Board of Regents said he received an adequate response about these issues from MTSU. However, State Senator Bill Ketron wants to review the film himself and ask if the student still has any concerns after reading the university’s response.

The anonymous student sent an email outlining his concerns to Professor Pondillo’s boss Billy Pittard, chairman of the Electronic Media Commnications Department as well as to Senator Ketron.

Professor Pondillo said: “My office received a communication from a MTSU student who was concerned and upset about this movie after viewing it at the university, especially as it pertains to what the student said were the exploitation of young children who were involved in the film,”

He added: “The film looks at the gay marriage issue in a distinctive, funny, memorable way (using children portraying adults), so we did anticipate it may face some opposition. “Once you see it, you’ll be like, what? This? No! It is a very sweet little film told in a kind, funny, respectful way.”

Senator Ketron said in a statement: “The communication also included a request to answer questions involving the nature of funding for the project and the involvement of the university in its making. The student was concerned about retribution in asking these questions for fear of being graded harshly.”

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