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Our friends at Wet for Her have only gone and released the first part of their extensive survey on lesbians and sex. Our correspondent Fifi Goldberg had the unenviable task of copying and pasting analysing the results in forensic detail and presenting them to you, dear reader, right here.

The Lesbian Sex Survey was conducted from June 2019 to August 2019. A total of 2,436 participants responded. 91% of these identify as women.

Women and Sex

When we asked women about their sex lives, we got a diversity of responses that varied by sexual orientation.

Lesbian sexual orientation was reported to have a better orgasms frequency with 88.7% of the time lesbians women reach the orgasm.  Women identified as Queer have only 80.5% of the time an orgasm. Straight women reported having 85.7% of the time an orgasm.Straight women reported the lowest levels of frequency for intercourse – only 62% of straight-identified participants reported having intercourse more than once a week, while almost 25% of that demographic has intercourse less than once per month. On the other hand, Queer women came on top (pun intended) with 73% on average having intercourse weekly, and only 13% indicating that intercourse occurred less than monthly.

All women surveyed had comparable experiences in terms of orgasm type regardless of orientation; women have clitoral orgasms with 94% of the time and only 54% for vaginal orgasms. Whatever the sexuality when it comes to orgasms, all women agreed that clitoral orgasms were what worked for them.

Sexual happiness in women

Relationship status and orgasm frequency are the biggest drivers of sexual satisfaction. Single women reported having at only 4% a very happy sex life while on the opposite end of the spectrum 41% of women in a relationship said their sex life is very happy.

A very happy sex life satisfaction drops from 41% for women into a relationship to 28% when they are married.

Orgasms aren’t the only part of sex that is enjoyable but they are certainly noticeable when absent, so it’s no surprise that more than half the women who claimed to orgasm rarely said their sex life could be better. Women having rarely an orgasm said having a very happy sex life at only 12% while women having an orgasm each time were at 43% having a very happy sex life.

For the women who do report frequent orgasms, any time of day can be the right time (where there’s a will, there’s a way!) but morning and afternoon were tied for the best time of day to get down and dirty. Having sex before sleep is reported to be the moment for fewer orgasms.

Lesbians’ relationships

The lesbian community as the quality of a whole value over quantity, as more than half of participants, have averaged 10 or fewer sexual partners; but on the balance, the respondents were highly satisfied with their sex lives.

69% of our survey takers reported feeling “Very Happy” or “Happy” while only 4% reported being “Unhappy” with their current sex lives. 80% of survey-takers reported being either married or in a relationship. Lesbians report having at 85% a sexual monogamous relationship and 80% are either in a relationship or married.

Lesbians’ sex

89% of Lesbians have an orgasm most of the time when they have sex. Almost every session included an orgasm via clitoral stimulation, and 1 in 2 sessions included a vaginal orgasm.

These aren’t just quickies either, as more than half of respondents said their average sex session lasts between 30 minutes to an hour.

Of course, there is also the over-achieving 14% who claim their sex is an hour-long affair at aminimum.ATIONS

From between the sheets and out to the streets, lesbians are getting it on in all sorts of places besides their bedrooms. The car, the office, the beach… it seems queer women can find something erotic in almost any location.

Crowd favorites among our survey takers included the shower and public spaces like cinema. If you’re seeking sex that also challenges your knowledge of American History, one of our respondents recommended Consitution Ave in Washington D.C. for an ambitious public sex-capade

Lesbian sex in the western world

French lesbians are overall the happiest with their sex lives, with 75% reporting a Happy Sex life, followed by Germany with 74%. While France and Germany reported having the happiest sex life they are not reaching orgasms each time they have sex.

German lesbians reported having more sex compared to other counties

The Canadians really hit it out of the park with 98% reporting orgasms each time they have sex.

The U.K. lesbians could use a little love, as they are the least satisfied with their sex lives of the countries surveyed. Only 58% of U.K. respondents are having sex once a week or more.

Lesbians’ culture

Gender is a fluid spectrum, but along that river, there are definitely anchored archetypes of gender presentation and some may turn you on more than others.

Lesbians who identified as butch or masculine will be more inclined to make love to you. They will be more often on top of you.  Butch and masculine lesbians prefer at 37% to make love to other women.No matter the gender presentation, lesbians claim the most important attribute in attraction is behavior and attitude and breast size is last with only 38% as an attractive attribute.

44% of lesbians reported to have or are planning to have children.

Sex with men

Sexuality is a long, winding road that often includes some detours along the way, and for many young queers this includes having heterosexual sex during their sexual coming-of-age experiences.

In total 64% of lesbian-identified participants claimed to have had sex with a man at least once and 20% of them enjoyed the experience while 99% of Bisexual identified had sex with a man and enjoyed it at 81%.

Of the survey-takers who had slept with a man, the preferences were varied according to gender presentation; almost a quarter of feminine-identified participants claimed to enjoyed (but not preferred) sex with men, while butch and masculine respondents said the same only 10% and 11% respectively.

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