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“Before allowing remarks like these to stand, editors need to ask themselves what kind of harm they might do.”

Channel 4 bosses have been told to give producers better training after they aired a ‘transphobic’ scene in hit show, First Dates.

In the scene which remains online, cage fighter Ricky claims that he was “catfished by a tranny” before laughing about her having a ‘bigger penis’ than him.

He then goes on to quip that even as a fighter he’s never been more scared in his life.

His date, Holly, then plays a ‘practical joke’ by pretending to be a trans woman.

Chair of Trans Media Watch Jennie Kermode told Out News Global:

“It’s extremely unfortunate that these remarks made it through to the final cut. Whilst I appreciate that there is a tension between the need to protect minorities and the need to show prejudice where it exists, the risk in this case is that many viewers will simply treat what they’ve heard as a joke, with no understanding of why it’s problematic.

“In fact, the perception that trans women are out to deceive straight men feeds transphobia and leads to them getting beaten and sometimes killed.

“Before allowing remarks like these to stand, editors need to ask themselves what kind of harm they might do. If they can’t see the harm in a case like this, they need to undergo training, which organisations like Trans Media Watch and All About Trans are happy to provide.

“Channel 4 usually does better than this and should respond to the concerns of the trans community in this instance by ensuring that all involved in the First Dates programme are brought up to speed. Trans people should not have to pay the price for others’ entertainment or carelessness.”

LGBT activists have slammed the scene as “transphobic”, “disgusting” and “totally unacceptable”.


Viewers took to Twitter to share their disgust at the channel’s decision to broadcast the comments.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said:

“First Dates is renowned for its inclusivity, sincerity and honesty and it reflects people from all kinds of backgrounds and in this instance the dater was using his own turn of phrase.

“Channel 4 took the view that it was right to keep the story in the broadcast.”

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