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That’s what a new video from National Student Pride is asking. It’s a dumb question but a justified one because there are a lot of dumb, prejudiced people out there, right?

In the video, a line of young people get questioned, judged and grilled by someone who goes on to guess their sexuality.

The challenge is to work out who is bisexual, and – if you give a flying naff – you might be surprised which of the line-up are…

The video is designed to challenge people’s stereotypes about what bisexual people look like…though it’s not clear what perceptions Student Pride organisers are referring to. Gay guys and lesbians face these generalisations, but do people really have stereotyped views of what a bi person looks like? If so, we’d be interested to know what they are in the comments.

Regardless of this somewhat odd assumption, there’s no doubt that bi people face ridicule, ignorance and ‘erasure’ in everyday life, from the LGBT+ community as well as beyond and the video also discusses common misconceptions and labels that the bi people face.

It might have been a more interesting watch if those trying to guess weren’t part of the right-on LGBT+ community but maybe a Youtuber can give us that kind of originality.

Younger people are more and more rejecting the terms gay and lesbian in favour of less defined, more ambiguous terms like queer, bi and pan.

Going beyond bisexual, the video also looks at bi+ identities too like pansexuality. The literal definition of being pan is attraction to two sexes which is similar to bisexual, but it goes beyond that to people of any sex or gender identity. So really it’s about falling in love with personality instead…or just enjoying sex with attractive people regardless of what bits they have?

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