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davidcDavid Cameron is expected to put his plans to legalise gay marriage on hold after a poor turnout for the Conservatives in the local elections.

The Prime Minister had pledged to make same-sex weddings legal and to reform the system of unelected peers. However, after losing 12 councils and 405 seats in the local election, Tory backbenchers are said to be angry and want a return to traditional Tory party values.

Downing Street sources say the Prime Minister has recognised that he cannot push ahead with the controversial plans with support for the party waning, reported the Daily Mail

A Downing Street source told the Sunday Times: “Gay marriage is something we genuinely want to do, but because of everything that has happened now is not the time.”

Chancellor George Osborne told BBC1’s The Andrew Marr Show: “I think what people are saying is focus on the things that really matter, focus on the economy and on education and welfare.

“Focus on those things, don’t get distracted by too many other issues.

“Parliament can discuss these issues, Parliament is very good at discussing these issues, but it is certainly not my priority, the priority of the Government.

“It is not where the efforts of the Government and the executive are going to be directed.”

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