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ex-gayCalifornia is set to become the first US state to take a stand against the dangerous, discredited practices extremists claim can “cure” homosexuality., a global movement to dramatically accelerate the move toward full equality for LGBT people all over the world is bringing its successful international campaign to combat the spread of anti-gay “therapy” to California. has launched a petition calling on Governor Jerry Brown to protect California’s youth and sign the ban on these unscientific practices that prey on vulnerable youth.

“In the last six months alone, members have lead the charge to successfully push back against attempts to export ‘pray away the gay’ as a legitimate medical treatment in the UK, France and Argentina,” said Andre Banks, executive director of global LGBT rights movement “Now it’s time for Governor Brown to protect the lives and well-being of thousands of young people by making California the first state to ban these abusive practices once and for all.”

On Tuesday the California Assembly passed SB 1172 on “Sexual orientation change efforts” which protects minors from anti-gay “therapy.”

The bill declares any efforts by a medical provider to change the sexual orientation of anyone under the age of 18 to be “unprofessional conduct.” Once in place, therapists who use these dangerous practices on a minor could lose their license.

The bill is expected to head to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown to sign into law by next week. The governor has not yet made public his position on the bill.

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