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BudapestThis year’s gay pride parade in Hungary’s capital, Budapest, has been banned by the city’s police. The gay organisation in charge of the parade, which was set to take place on 18 June, plan to dispute the ban in court.

In an interview with Hungarian newspaper MTI, Maria Santa, one of the parade organisers, said that the Budapest police had banned the event on the grounds that it causes “excessive disruption to traffic”.

Santa said that they do not intend to change the parade’s route. The Szivarvany Misszio (Rainbow Mission) Foundation, which organises the parade every year, plan to begin the march in Budapest’s Heroes’ Square and to follow a route through the city centre, ending up at the square in front of parliament.

A spokesman for Hungary’s green opposition party, Politics Can Be Different (LMP) has said that the ban by the police is “shocking and unacceptable”, and that rights of free assembly were being restrained for “trumped-up reasons”.

The Budapest police have yet to comment on their ban of the pride parade, which ran for its fifteenth year last summer.


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