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The boss of Bafta, Amanda Berry, says the annual film awards are too white, but says it’s not her fault.

She’s blames the film industry itself for not being diverse enough, as Bafta members “can only vote on what they’ve seen.”

Only two black actors were nominated for a Bafta this year.

“Not enough films are being made with diverse talent in front of the camera,” she told The Telegraph.

“Our industry isn’t diverse enough, so the pool of people to draw award winners from isn’t diverse enough.”


Protest group Creatives of Colour, organised by Alien 3 director Leon Herbert, dressed in black and white held up small placards shaped like Bafta masks as they braved hordes of red carpet fans.

Leaflets were distributed with the hashtag #BaftaBlackout, which has been widely used on social media .

One protester, Chidi Ejimofo, said he was taking part on behalf of one of his daughters, who he said wanted to enter the creative industries.

He said: “I have a real problem with the fact that the film industry, as I see it, at present doesn’t actually represent the groupings that you already have in society.”

It echoes the similar #OscarsSoWhite being used in America.

On the red carpet, Force Majeure star Eddie Izzard said: ‘We always want diversity… I am transgender so I’m all for diversity.’

Berry has announced Bafta will be setting membership targets on diversity.

She’s suggested those who would vote on nominations should be qualified and working in the industry.

Last month Idris Elba called for greater diversity in the media to MPs in Parliament.

The 69th British Academy Film Awards was broadcast on BBC One tonight.

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