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boris-johnsonIt has been revealed in a Freedom of Information response that Boris Johnson applied for the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index 2013, but failed to make it into the top 100.

The letter to Labour Assembly Member Tom Copley confirms for the first time that the Mayor submitted an application. In previous years Boris Johnson did not even apply.

Stonewall announced their Top 100 Employers in the Workplace Equality Index on 17th January. The index is Britain’s leading tool for employers to measure their efforts to tackle discrimination and create inclusive workplaces for lesbian, gay and bisexual employees. More than 750 major employers have taken part in the index, using Stonewall’s criteria as a model for good practice, since 2005.

The Mayor, who runs Transport for London and the London Fire Brigade, has also been criticised for not continuing to push for equality in both of these institutions. In 2008, TfL was ranked sixth and the LFB ranked 13th but neither were placed in this year’s index.

Labour London Assembly Member Tom Copley said:

“I am deeply disappointed that City Hall, Transport for London and the London Fire Brigade have failed to rank in Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers Index. In 2008, the previous Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone demonstrated a commitment to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual equality. City Hall came second and was just one per cent short of the top spot. By failing to even make the top 100 Boris is letting down the LGB community in London. He should be using his power to set an example to other organisations across London.

“City Hall used to pride itself on being an organisation that went the extra mile to tackle discrimination. It is unclear from the Mayor’s response to me why City Hall failed to make the Top 100. I have written to him today asking for this information to be made public so he can be held to account. We need to make sure he improves his performance so that City Hall makes the grade next year.”

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