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The Emotional Eater’s Diet: How to understand your emotions and become a healthy weight for life!
 Author: Dr Pam Spurr  Category: Health & wellbeing, Non-fiction, Self help  Publisher: New Holland BUY NOW
About this book:

The diet industry is huge and in any given year two thirds of people start a diet and 20% of people start a new diet each month. Yet 95% of diets are not successful – either people fail to lose weight or when they do lose weight they fail to keep it off.


Emotional eating & using comfort food to soothe difficult feelings is the culprit behind most of this failure. Help is at hand as Dr Pam Spurr shows readers how to address their emotional eating to avoid the common dieting pitfalls. Offering a huge range of practical tips and strategies to help the reader manage their appetite and emotions, Dr Spurr equips the reader with invaluable insights into gaining control of their emotional eating. Also featuring questionnaires, real case studies, including Pam’s own experience of emotional eating, this book will help the reader to attain a happy and healthy weight for life.


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