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Sex Academy: Essential lessons in seduction and spectacular sex
 Author: Dr Pam Spurr  Category: Health & wellbeing, Non-fiction, Self help  Publisher: Robson Press BUY NOW
About this book:

Sex writer, relationship expert and bestselling author Dr Pam Spurr ignites your desire to learn in probably the most comprehensive sex guide available! Written in an accessible, lively and no-holds-barred style, everyone couples and singles can immediately improve their sex lives.


Dr Pam throws open the doors to her Sex Academy where lessons and lectures cover the full A to Z of sexual topics: from the As everything you need to know about anal sex to the Zs – what to do if you’re getting zero sex. Sex Academy includes information from understanding your body s pleasure responses to tackling the most common sex dilemmas. It covers crucial areas for becoming the best possible lover such as how to enjoy sharing sexual fantasies or how to give explosive oral sex, along with providing some spicier tips for the more daring… All of this detailed and down-to-earth sex advice is complemented by the very best sexual communication and confidence-boosting suggestions, making it the must-have guide to sexual fulfilment.


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