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The Blooming Parents Ultimate Guide to Starting a Family for female same sex couples in the UK is the only independent written guide to cover the important considerations in depth.

Input from some of the UK’s leading experts provides insider knowledge and experience to help couples avoid common issues, pitfalls and decisions based on incomplete information.

The Ultimate Guide is independent – which means all responsible options are evaluated – not just the ones that particular services, for example a clinic with its own sperm bank, may provide.

Expert input means experienced, practical advice that is specific for UK female same sex couples and mindful of common pitfalls and issues so they can be avoided. The guide has also been written by a parent with firsthand experience.

NHS and private treatment options are detailed to ensure the best decisions for individual circumstances and preferences.

The overview of donor types and where/how to source donor sperm is holistic to enable decisions based on complete information and getting the best match.

No advice is given that is unsafe or irresponsible. This is to help ensure the health and wellbeing of parents-to-be and their children.

The Blooming Ultimate Guide to Starting a Family includes the Ultimate Guide as well as full audio interviews and written transcripts with expert contributors as well as a template to record and checklist personalised plans.

Expert Contributors:

Natalie Gamble – the UK’s leading fertility lawyer
Professor Susan Golombok – Director, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge and author of Modern Families
Nick Pulsford – founding member of Kingston (NHS) Assisted Conception Unit
Sheridan Rivers – Sales Director for Xytex
Dr Marie Wren – Deputy Director of the Lister Fertility Clinic and fertility specialist

Both versions of the guide are available to buy in digital format from


Blooming Parents was founded by Alex, a parent in a same sex relationship, to provide great information and resources for same sex parents and parents-to-be. Alex and her partner Kerry did not have the information they needed during their conception journey, and worse still, didn’t even realise just how much information they were missing! So that’s where it all started…
As well as providing helpful information, the aim is to make Blooming Parents a positive, interesting, fun and inclusive place for all same sex parents.

Alex is a Huffington Post blogger and has guest blogged for Ugly Duck Books

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