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Barbie and new Aimee Song doll pose in “Love Wins” t-shirts in new Instagram post

The new Barbie doll, based on California-based fashion and interior design Blogger and YouTuber Aimee Song, wears a “Love Wins” tee alongside a classic Barbie doll in support of LGBTQ rights.

The official barbiestyle Instagram post reads:

“Proud to wear this ‘Love Wins’ shirt with @songofstyle! Did you know that her exclusive t-shirts benefit different causes and non-profits? Such an inspiring initiative and fabulous few days I have spent with Aimee, she’s a doll! 💖 #barbie#barbiestyle

Song also shared the post from her own Instagram account adding the following:

“Me and @BarbieStyle supporting equal rights because #LOVEWINS. Or as some of you have speculated, maybe we’re secretly dating 🤗

“P.S. When I knew I was getting my own Barbie doll, it was super important for me to have the Barbie represent who I was and what I believe in and obviously dress like me! Can’t thank the entire @Mattel@Barbie team enough for letting my Barbie be ME! @BarbieStyle and I are wearing my Love Wins tee from @shoptwosongs where 50% of all proceeds go directly to Trevor Project to help the LGBTQ community 🏳️‍🌈”

Though the post was targeted by trolls, the response on Instagram was overwhelmingly supportive with fans commenting:

“Who’s ken? I only know KIM”

“Ken who? So proud of you Barbie! We’re all so supportive of you and your girl! #lovewins

“I grew up playing with Barbie dolls and as a member of the lgbt+ community my heart is full with this amazing step towards equality in the media. The next step for Barbie is to expand its available skin tones and hair types! Let’s make sure every girl and boy and can get a Barbie doll that represents them!”


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