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biblesmallA ban imposed on a church’s homophobic advert has been overturned by a judge.


The advert was placed in 2008 by the Sandown Free Presbyterian Church, in the Belfast Newsletter. It was called ‘The word of God against sodomy’ and called gay people ‘perverts’.

It was then banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after seven people complained that it was offensive.

However, a judge has now ruled that banning the ad is a violation of the church’s right to freedom of speech.

The BBC reports that Mr Justice Treacy said: “The applicant’s religious views and the biblical scripture which underpins those views no doubt cause offence, even serious offence, to those of a certain sexual orientation.” He continued: ““But Article 10 (of the European Convention on Human Rights) protects expressive rights which offend, shock or disturb… Moreover, Article 10 protects not only the content and substance of information but also the means of dissemination since any restriction on the means necessarily interferes with the right to receive and impart information.”


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