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For centuries young men and women have debated the issues of politics, philosophy, science, and high-brow culture but last night Strongbow ULTRA Dark Fruit, who has self-proclaimed to be the G.O.A.T cider, brought a fresh new look to traditional debating societies.

My Dad Wrote A Porno’s Alice Levine took charge of what may well turn out to be the fiercest drag-queen contest in history, with Baga Chipz and Crystal, alumnae of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, battling to be named the G.O.A.T. –  Greatest of All Time. And amid a hazy, purple, goat-scape in London’s Shoreditch Studios, Baga and Crystal were joined by Mark Wright, Lady Leshurr, Chris Hughes and Mark Francis among others to fight their respective corners in an epic series of debates. 

Alice Levine takes to the stage at the Strongbow ULTRA G.O.A.T Debating Society event in London’s Shoreditch. The party celebrated the launch of Strongbow ULTRA, the self-proclaimed greatest of all time ciders.

Sound of the summer

To fully get the party started, DJ Sammy Virji provided a banging set. This included his song Daga Da, the sound of the summer which features on the new advert. From there, debaters took to the stage in pairs to pit their wits against each other in a series of quick-fire rounds. A watching crowd of 300 guests were tasked with making the deciding votes of the evening, giving a show of cans to seal the deal and crown the final G.O.A.T victors.

The cans were counted and the results came in, determining once and for all which drag queen is the greatest of all time. To be a drag race queen you need sass, wit, style and killer comebacks, so naturally RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Baga Chipz and Crystal were the perfect choice as debate opponents, putting their reputations on the line to defend their pick – themselves

Hot dog

Despite only coming in sixth place in RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, it was Crystal, who triumphed over fellow drag queen and third place Drag Race winner Baga Chipz. Both took to the stage in a whirlwind of excitement and sass before going head-to-head in a hubris-packed debate to crown the G.O.A.T drag queen. In an impressive performance which included pulling a hot dog from her pants and using a sparkly hammer to push a nail into her nose, Crystal reigned supreme. On being crowned the victor, Crystal shouted: “Take that RuPaul!”.

Baga Chipz said of her defeat: “I was robbed, when it comes to the greatest of all time drag queens it has to be me! I’m clearly Much Betttttaaaa!”

Messi vs Ronaldo

Other winners of the Strongbow ULTRA debating society included:

  • TV personality and radio presenter Mark Wright – who raced to victory against Love Island favourite Chris Hughes. The debate was Messi vs Ronaldo for the greatest footballer of all time, and while Chris put up a strong argument for the preening Portuguese, Mark won it for the diminutive Argentine magician with his closing statement. He proclaimed, “Messi isn’t my favourite football player, but if you’re asking who is the greatest of all time, I can’t say anyone else because the facts are there, it’s Messi”.
  • Mark Francis Vandelli, star of Made in Chelsea – who trumped Bobby Norris of TOWIE fame. The boys were campaigning for their own reality shows to be the G.O.A.T and in a witty – and sometimes catty exchange – Mark accused his opponent’s show of filling the world with rubbish. The crowd loved it and Mark took the purple goat trophy, only to hand it over to Bobby in a gentlemanly show of good spirit.
  • Comedian Josh Berry vs Joanna Dring – who debated against him to crown the greatest of all time superpower. Despite picking a superpower to ‘Make People Love Him’ (and pulling out an inspired Hugh Grant impression) the crowd were not in the loving mood, voting ‘Ultimate Problem Solving’ to be the G.O.A.T superpower.
  • British rapper, singer songwriter and producer Lady Leshurr – who put up a fearsome fight for Nicki Minaj to be crowned the greatest of all time female artist against opponent and The Circle 2021 runner-up Manrika who was firmly in Beyonce’s corner. It was a close call, but Queen Bae’s crown was toppled, thanks to Lady Leshurr’s impassioned speech which host Alice Levine called a love letter to the rapper, Lady Leshurr said: “Nicki Minaj doesn’t get the respect she deserves but she puts herself out there and gives back to her fans. She’s real and that’s why I can relate to her. She’s so lit!”.
  • And last but by no means least, ex Love Islander Theo Campbell who was the real winner, winner chicken dinner for the evening, beating opponent TikTok sensation Rachel Spicer to crown KFC the G.O.A.T chicken shop over Nando’s.


Alice Levine gave guests something to think about when she closed the debates for the evening saying: “The debates have been fierce and full of passion, a refreshing take on traditional debating societies! They’ve been settled for now, however you may continue them as we party into the night! We have answered some big quandaries tonight, but I think we can all agree that the question of whether it’s more important to find love or find the end of the Sellotape is a real thinker…”

Heineken UK Cider Brand Director, Rachel Holms who was in the front row for the debates, said: “This G.O.A.T campaign is for a new kind of cider and by far one of our most intriguing yet. Our celebrity cast did us proud in settling the debate once and for all. We already know Strongbow ULTRA is the G.O.A.T cider, but now we know who’s the G.OA.T of everything else too.”

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