OPINION: “Outing a whistleblower puts his life and family at risk in Pakistan”

Outing someone is always wrong, no matter the circumstances. Outing someone is especially wrong when done in response to allegedly being exposed for serious political wrongdoing. For those unfamiliar with this story, Shahmir Sanni is a whistleblower who claims the pro-Brexit Vote Leave group channeled money through another group called BeLeave, […]

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CeCe was assigned to a male prison. CeCe was placed in solitary confinement. CeCe was stripped of her transgender identity

Cece McDonald was subjected to a brutal hate crime, then incarceration for a prolonged “state crime”. Cece McDonald survived extraordinary discrimination and prejudice, motivated by transphobia and racism. Cece McDonald is a black transgender woman whose journey to justice was a demonstration of remarkable and deeply moving strength in the face […]

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