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australiaflagAustralian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is allowing a conscience vote on gay marriage, which has angered Labour MPs as they believe it will fail.

Government legislation changes to the Marriage Act have been ruled out by the PM but this deal allows Labour MPs a conscience vote if a private member’s bill is introduced.

Julia Gillard said: “I expect and want to see a noisy conference”, she believes that this will be a sign of strength for her party, demonstrating that they are not afraid to debate policy ideas and changes.

Left-wing Labour MPs believe the vote will fail as some members of there party will oppose it.  Labour powerbroker, Senator Doug Cameron said that this vote was a “tactical manoeuvre” which was “not appropriate”.

The party will debate the issue at the upcoming December conference, the coalition parties are thought to vote solidly against gay marriage, with Labour split, it’s thought a majority could be unattainable.

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