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The Prime Minister of Australia has confirmed that the government will legalise same-sex marriage if the Australian people choose marriage equality in a federal plebiscite.

The center-right government has announced that if they are re-elected this year, they will hold a public vote on the gay marriage.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who supports gay marriage, told Melbourne Radio 3AW: “If the majority of people voting in the plebiscite vote in favor of it, then same-sex marriage will be legalised.”

A poll of voters in the prime minister’s own constituency determined that a majority would say yes to marriage equality going straight through parliament and would rather a plebiscite not take place.

A federal plebiscite is similar to a referendum, but carries no legal weight, would cost about $160 million and has been called a ‘stalling tactic’ by pro-equality groups.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said: “Malcolm Turnbull knew from the start that a plebiscite was an expensive and divisive attempt to delay marriage equality and now it’s clear his constituents agree with that.”

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