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Campaigners in Austaustralian_flagralia will urge the government to seize the ‘historic opportunity’ to legalize gay marriage tomorrow, Gay Star News reports.

After a letter signed by 54 clergy supporting the reform was released, legal, religious and community leaders will tell a House of Representatives inquiry into marriage equality why they support or oppose the reform.

Alex Greenwich, from the Australian Marriage Equality campaign, told Gay Star News that he will support the reform, which is being debated from 10 am to 5pm in the Macquarie Room in the New South Wales Parliament.

He said: “The majority of Australians support this reform and an even larger majority think it is inevitable. It’s time for the nation to resolve this issue once and for all,” Mr Greenwich said.

“The current inquiry has a historic opportunity to move this issue forward by recommending a reform that will benefit families, communities and the economy, which will make Australia a more equal and inclusive nation and which has no cost to anyone.”

He added that those supporting reform will highlight the positive impacts on families and on mental health, saying: “A substantial body of research shows that when same-sex couples are allowed to marry there are broad benefits to their families and to society especially in terms of better mental health.”

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