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Libby O’Donovan joins us as our new Agony Aunt: Humour, kindness and truth in a reality sandwich.

A critically acclaimed Jazz and Cabaret performer and an award-winning Musical Director, Libby has entertained audiences world-over with her unique talents, performing in New York, Tokyo and Toronto as well as Australia-wide.

For all our better education and Google search engines it seems there are some things we still can’t manage to work out for ourselves.

Libby is here to ease the guilt of failing to live up to impossible standards, and remind us that nobody has it all figured out, in her own inimitable way.

On her new role Libby said: “I’m very much looking forward to being on the OutNews Global team.”

Linda Riley, CEO of OutNews Global added: “Libby O’Donovan joining the team from Australia just shows how truly global OutNews Global is. I look forward to Libby’s columns and may even need a word or two of advice from her myself.”

So what are you waiting for?

You can contact Libby via twitter: @LibbyODonovan or email:

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