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Agirls-clothes lesbian couple, one of whom was seeking a sex change, have had their six-year-old foster son removed from their care after they posted a picture of him on Facebook dressed as a girl.

Australian Families Minister, Pru Goward, has demanded a full explanation from child welfare service Barnardos, which had arranged for the couple to become foster parents for the boy and his older sister.
‘I am seeking advice from Barnardos to confirm that care arrangements were appropriate and the wellbeing of the children was paramount’, she said. The child was 18 months old when he was taken into care with four stepbrothers and two stepsisters after complaints of physical and mental abuse by their parents.

In 2009, both the boy and his12-year-old sister were placed with the lesbian couple but the relationship did not work out with the older child and she was removed.

The case has caused a big controversy among the gay community who said it gave the impression that lesbians were bad parents and that the insinuation was that simply placing the children with a lesbian couple was the problem.

NOTE: In 19th Century Europe, it was the norm for many upper classes to dress their boy children as girls until they were ten.

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