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NeilPatrickHarrisGay actor Neil Patrick Harris has issued an apology for using the word “tranny” on live TV.

The comment was made whilst he was presenting Live! On the US network ABC.

The actors voice had deepened after he inhaled sulfur hexafluoride as part of a science experiment.

He then said “I’ve never sounded more like a tranny in my life”.

He was quick to make his apology via Twitter, saying “Truly sorry for saying the word ‘tranny’ on Live this week. Twice! Should have been more thoughtful. Didn’t at all mean to offend.”

The 38-year-old stars in the US comedy How I Met Your Mother as Barney Stinson.

Sulfur hexafluoride is a gas that alters vocal sound waves in the same way as helium, but lowers the voice.

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