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Anna Richardson has set tongues wagging by saying that she is “considering adoption” with her partner and fellow TV host Sue Perkins.

Richardson, who appeared on yesterday’s Loose Women, said that she and Perkins were thinking about starting their “own little family”.

Both Richardson and Perkins have been told that they would struggle to conceive, with Richardson stating that she was “sad” that she hadn’t had children. She continued, adding:

“I can’t speak for Sue, but I’m considering looking at adoption. It’s important.”

Richardson also spoke about the “emotional tsunami” that comes with being in a relationship with a woman, and revealed that a break-in which occurred whilst she was staying in a hotel in Cannes in the early noughties contributed to a long-running battle with anxiety.

With echoes of the Kim Kardashian break-in that occurred in Paris earlier this year, Richardson described being “spreadeagled” naked in bed and awaking to discover two men searching through her possessions just feet away from her.

Although the pair fled, the incident proved to be the catalyst for a series of panic attacks and anxiety. Richardson said: “I didn’t want to leave my house, I became frightened of motorways”.

The episode eventually resulted in Richardson being diagnosed with PTSD.

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