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If you have also been taken by storm by the whole astrology trend and are now obsessed with the zodiacs, we know that you are going to love this…

Make space for Zodiac Dating. It is a new and unique way of finding your potential soulmate.

The platform isn’t like your typical dating site where you base yourself on pictures and short descriptions. This is a website for people who love astrology or simply want a new way of finding true love.

Let’s just say that if you are bored in isolation, Zodiac Dating is a great way to occupy yourself and taking your mind off the COVID-19 pandemic.

The founder explains its concept: “People sign up for free by sending their birth chart information, age, sexuality, gender and three qualities they like in a relationship.  The astrologer then analyses each birth chart and starts to pair up potential matches. In the beginning stages, it takes some time as we can’t just match any of the first good matches that appear. Once we found matches, we inform the customer and they choose how many matches they want.”

“Once they have picked how many matches they want, they can buy which option suits them the best, and we release the matches’ information. The prices are extremely affordable as we really want people to use our service, as we really care about making matches.”

“Matching birth charts can be extremely effective, even if people don’t like astrology they can’t deny the fact that it works.  Most people only know what sun signs are but they’ve never even heard of moon signs or Venus signs and many more signs that can really have an impact on someone’s persona.”

Zodiac Dating’s founder came up with this unique matching concept once he realised that the science behind astrology was a reliable way of understanding people’s personality.

The astrologer adds: “More often than not, I hear people wondering if they’re astrologically compatible, only using their sun signs instead of moon signs as well or even mercury. This service will make erase these doubts off your mind as we make sure you are astrologically compatible will your match.”

The founder of Zodiac Dating gave us a list of five of the longest lasting celebrity couples with their compatible astrological birth charts:

Tom Hanks has a sun in cancer and a moon in Leo, and Rita Wilson, who has a sun in Scorpio and a moon in Leo.

Via Hollywood Reporter

Ellen DeGeneres has a  sun in Aquarius and a moon in Aries and Portia de Rossi who has a sun in Aquarius and a moon in Sagittarius.

Via Good Housekeeping

Hugh Jackman has a sun in Libra and a moon in Gemini, and Deborra-Lee Furness who has a sun in Sagittarius and a moon in Libra.

Via Hello Magazine

Tina Turner has a sun in Sagittarius and a moon in Gemini and Erwin Bach who has a sun in Aquarius and a moon in Gemini.

Via Handelsblatt

Jerry Seinfield has a sun in Taurus and a moon in Pisces and Jessica Seinfield who has a sun in Virgo and a moon in Cancer.

Via Fox News

The astrologer explains: “These are combinations that are deeply soulful and spiritual. When you sign up to our website, we will make sure to explain what each planet and elements mean.”

So, will you try to find your soulmate based on your astrological birth chart?

Sign up here.

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