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Amnesty International launched a pro-equal marriage campaign for a ‘yes’ vote in the upcoming referendum on civil marriage equality on May 22.

The Yes Equality campaign is a collaborative campaign, led by several gay rights groups in Ireland. The campaign aims to rally support for a equal marriage.


The launch took place in Dublin with the Republic of Ireland’s deputy prime minister, the Tánaiste, Joan Burton, Ministers, Representatives of trade unions, social justice organisations, and civil society and faith-based groups.


Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland said:


“May 22 will be an historic date. It is a day when we all, as Irish people, have a chance to stand for a Republic of equals. A day when we can more fully realise equality for all of our people. It is fitting that we are launching this campaign outside the GPO. Here, almost a century ago those who proclaimed our Republic, asserted that Ireland would value and cherish all of its people equally.

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