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A children’s record book aimed at alternative, adoptive and same-sex families.

It is a completely innovative record book, unlike any other on the UK market at the moment.

Published by two friends – Jesse Toksvig-Stewart (27) and Kat Willott (26). Jesse and her siblings grew up in an unconventional household with two mums. Whilst Kat who had a more standard up-bringing with her mum, dad and three sisters.

A Surrey based designer, has come up with a clever solution to the classic baby memory album for new mums and dads – a beautifully designed book aimed single sex and adoptive parents.

The idea came to Jesse Toksvig-Stewart, when she wanted to buy a record book for her adopted sister in December 2014. She could not find a memory book that did not include very specific elements of the nuclear family set up

Jesse said: “There was nothing on the market, they all mentioned Mummy and Daddy and so I set about making my own version. Then it occurred to me that there might be a whole new market out there for a well-designed, well thought-through record book for same sex couples with and people with more unconventional families.”

My Amazing Family and Me is designed for alternative families and does not specify the age of a child nor the gender and status of the grown ups in their lives. It is an open record book where everyone can enjoy the fun of documenting a child’s personality, habits, characteristics and life, in whatever family and circumstances they find themselves.

Jesse drew the typography in the book and asked her friend Kat to illustrate and collaborate creatively to produce the idea. Together they formed the company Ugly Duck Books and published a completely innovative children’s record book, My Amazing Family and Me.

same-sex parents

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