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spandexA new team of superheroes is hitting the world of graphic novels, reports Your Local Guardian.

The all-gay Spandex are a team of seven homosexual heroes created by Upper Norwood-based writer and artist Martin Eden in 2009.

The idea was so warmly received that the team will battle deadly pink ninjas and 50-foot lesbians in the first all-gay graphic novel.

The super-human seven consists of transvestite Liberty; powerful lesbian Diva; French teleporter Indigo; Prowler, who absorbs the abilities of other gay people; Glitter, who can transform himself into light and muscular twins Butch and Mr Muscle.

Mr Eden, 38, has been obsessed with comics from age five. He is openly gay and says that although he has seen gay characters in comic books before, the authors tend to play it safe. He has put out 30 issues of comic O-men, which he describes as a “soap opera” of a comic, and he hopes Spandex will be similar.

He said: “I love horror films, sci-fi and soaps and so I draw on all those things. Spandex is probably meant for a more adult audience, but kids can get something out of it too. I don’t think it is my responsibility to educate children about homosexuality the adventures are humorous but you have to be careful – I don’t want to offend anybody, and some people are very easily offended.”

A novel called ‘Spandex: Fast and Hard’ out in June will amalgate the first three editions of the comic into one story, alongside character biographies and commentary from Mr Eden.

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