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If you’re a James Bond nerd or an avid devotee of soulful music, we’ve got the perfect show for you. Let us introduce you to Cazeleon and her “All About That Bassey” cabaret show.

Cazeleon is a very musical queen: she sings, she dances, and most importantly, she delivers a very polished act. In “All About That Bassey”, a cabaret show that I had the pleasure to attend last Friday, Cazaleon not only sang Shirley Bassey’s most appreciated songs but also revealed some pretty illuminating facts about the iconic Welsh diva.

Cazeleon interpreted Shirley Bassey’s famous “Diamonds are Forever” among other amazing acts but, lo and behold, Cazeleon isn’t a Shirley Bassey impersonator, in her words, she is a “Shirley Bassey appreciator”.

This fabulous and very talented drag artist undoubtedly knew her Shirley Bassey story and managed to give her audience incredible acts. She passionately explained what made the most iconic James Bond singer so special and shared some fascinating stories about her. It was very clear, that Cazeleon perfected her show to the smallest details. I personally felt that I was watching a broadway musical.

Watching drag queens sing while performing in drag shows is not so common, it’s what makes Cazeleon’s performance so unique. That, and her grey-blue skin colour of course. She appears as a beautiful alien, and executes flawless numbers.

“All About That Bassey”, wasn’t solely focused on famous James Bond songs, it also incorporated emotional acts, as well as a harmonized performance with Cazeleon’s special male singer guest, who sounded like Frank Sinatra. We were all pleased to see our dear Cynthia Seaward as Cazeleon’s special drag queen guest.

Aside from the performance itself, Cazeleon’s choice of costume was absolutely stunning. From her Jessica Rabbitesque red sparkly dress to her James Bond smoking that she threw off for a sexy sparkly and revealing outfit, I can officially say: the glam was definitely there.

Cazeleon is currently taking part in the QX Cabaret Awards 2019, and always updating her social media with future events.

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