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GaySA Radio is hoping to provide a voice to those still struggling for acceptance and improve the visibility of LGBT people across Africa.

With 24 hours of content and music focused on the LGBTI community, the program includes shows such as Workday Jive which looks at the corporate space as experienced by LGBTI members, Rainbow Talk which covers a wide range of lifestyle topics including parenting and travel, and The Gay Agenda, which looks at topical LGBTI news.

The station hopes to counter homophobia, break down stereotypes and spread the discussion across the continent with  connections and contributors in Nigeria, Uganda, as well as the USA.

The station’s manager, Hendrik, told the BBC.“I think it’s important for gay people to have a voice.

“Especially on the African continent, there are so many countries that have very repressive legislation, and GaySA Radio is really the only place where gay people have a voice, and they can say things that are important, not only for them, but also to demystify homosexuality.”

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