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Anthony-CottonAnthony Cotton, who plays Coronation Street’s Sean Tully, says he is delighted to be part of the soap’s first gay parenting plot.

Sean is due to bump into his old partner, Marcus Dent (played by Charlie Condou) during the Easter weekend special. Sean is on his way to visit his three-year-old son, and the two men end up raising the child together.

In an interview with Now! magazine, Cotton said: “It’s two men pushing a buggy down a street – it’s modern life. And if nothing else it will give people something to talk about.

“If there’s one conversation about a young, gay man parenting in a positive way that’s got to be a good thing.”

Cotton lives with his partner of six years, property buyer Peter Eccleston.

Coronation Street has also recently been lauded for its sympathetic portrayal of the ongoing relationship between two teenage lesbians, Sophie and Sian.

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