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Author Daliah Husu has launched her thought-provoking memoir entitled, “I Am Woman: Surviving the Past, the Present, & the Future.” 

In this raw and emotionally charged memoir, Daliah Husu declares her trans womanhood with an honest and authoritative voice. Searching for her true identity, yearning for her mother’s acceptance, and desperate to find love, Daliah shares her painful, yet enriching journey into self-actualization and womanhood—a journey that starts as a young boy growing up without his father or mother in the slums of Santo Domingo, and who later transforms into a young woman obsessed with the attention of men, forced into sex work, and haunted by alcohol and drug abuse.

Her book, which is available in print-on-demand and in Kindle digital format, unveils a stigmatized world plagued by self-hatred, co-dependency on men, drug abuse, and sex work. Astonishingly, “I Am Woman” gives the reader a glimpse of what it is like to be a “not so privileged” trans woman in America and highlights how Husu overcomes the surmounting odds stacked against her, in order to live a healthy, loving, and meaningful life.

“I wrote ‘I Am Woman’ as a testament to the world that trans women are dreamers like everyone else, but more importantly to exemplify that we are achievers above all,” says Husu.

Living in a culture that continues to stereotype, demonize, and ostracize transgender individuals, Husu understands the importance of living a transparent life in order to break through the social and religious stigmas. “We continue to waltz in this endless dance of ‘back and forth’ in our nation when it comes to trans issues and legal rights. As a trans woman, I’m proud of who I am and that is why I wrote my story, because my life counts,” says Husu. “We can’t give up, and we must remain in the front lines as we fight this battle for equality.” Readers of “I Am Woman” will understand why many trans women, including Husu, struggle with abusive relationships, self-hatred, and substance abuse, but they will also grasp how this marginalized community is weaving its way into the fabric of mainstream American society on a quest to live richer and more fulfilling lives.

In 2011, Husu began writing poetry as a way to heal her emotional pain. Since, she has dedicated endless hours to crafting her life story, “I Am Woman,” which has inspired her to educate others and advocate for the LGBTQ community. Her mission is to grow awareness and lead the community by living openly as her authentic self. Visit for more information.

About the Author:

Daliah Husu is a graduate of Miami International University of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design. She is a writer and a poet, whose work focuses on universal themes of love, self-acceptance, and spiritual and emotional fulfillment. Daliah currently lives in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb.

Daliah Husu - Trans in America

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