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Five years ago Dusty O – aka David Hodge – found himself without income after the Raymond Revue Bar closed down and the legendary TrannyShack, which Dusty ran, came to an abrupt and shocking end. It was sink or swim time and of course the temptation for most would have been to try to keep going with the same hit formula.

Dusty was jaded and tired of nightlife however and has, since then, rebuilt and rebranded having exhibited works in a number of places, most notably at the launch of Pride 2019 at The Houses of Parliament where is “Limp Wrist, Iron Fist” made history – the first Queer art ever to be on shown at the heart of UK Government.

An immediately unique and imposing figure Dusty’s sense of style coupled with his phenomenal connections (his long-time friend Boy George has written the theme tune for the forthcoming Podcast, The Boy Who Sat By The Window, and will be a guest in a special episode) have led him to a place where he can now look back and give a true sense of how Queer Culture has evolved – the good and the bad.

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