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Stop everything you’re doing, this is a big moment for Norwegian TV!

Love Island Norway is currently running its second season, this time in Argentina. Beside being a diverse cast, considering it is Love Island Norway, nothing worth mentioning on the international queer news happened… Until last night’s episode!

Aranja, a 25-year old student in Economy from Trondheim, just came out as bisexual to her former Love Island partner, Ali, (who made headlines for being an Iraqi refugee).

You’re just in luck because I happened to be fluent in Norwegian, so I have translated the glorious moment for you all:

Ali: I presume and hope and believe that a man is going to pop out at any moment…

Ali: … who will maybe be something more to you (than friendship).

Aranja: I really hope so too. Or a girl.

Ali: What ? Are you bisexual?

Ali: What ? Did I miss something?

Ali: What? Did you mean that?

Aranja: Yes.

Ali: Are you messing with me or is that true?

Aranja: I’m not joking.

Ali: Are you bisexual?

Aranja: I don’t know if I really have a label for this, but…

Then Ali went on to express his happiness for his former love interest in the confessional filming room.

Let’s just say that Aranja saved the day for all the bisexual women watching Norwegian TV!

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