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Have you heard of Queer Acts of Resistance? The photography project aims to share the voices of the LGBTQ+ community through beautiful photos…

Queer Acts of Resistance is an on-going portrait series which aims to celebrate and join the dots of disparity under the umbrella of queerness.

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Sitting on a growing archive of stories, all thanks to everyone of you involved. Very few posts until the exhibition in May, gotta keep some secrets. But since we are still in our LGBTQI+ history month, here is what Will had to share for #queeractsofresistance • “Queer Resistance is the bliss of being the self you have been taught to despise and replacing that hate with kindness. For me, it is not allowing shame to permeate my sense of worth and validity. The refusal to be pinned down or confined, encouraged by the openness of a welcoming community that will never be tore down. The joy of hedonism and saying “We are here. We exist”. The pleasure of kissing a beautiful boy on the streets as the sun beams down on our necks. Queer resistance is liberty. It is freedom. It is beauty. – Will Craigie @blondedboiiii

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Each portrait is accompanied by a story which is as little or large as each person wants to share.

“Our acts of resistance could be on a micro scale such as the things we choose to wear or on a macro scale such as having a platform that gives queer people a voice,” Ciaran Fram, the photographer and creator of Queer Acts of Resistance, says.

Ciaran adds: “This project comes from a place of empathy. When you witness each portrait, you’re witnessing a conversation between myself as a photographer and the people you see.”

Take a look at the project’s Instagram account here and Ciaran’s account here.

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