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Saturday 5thMay was the first “Kiki with Drag Queens” show at Concrete Shoreditch. As a huge Rascals fan, the glamorous former venue where the show used to take place, I had a lot of expectations. Fortunately, the performers did not disappoint.

You might miss Rascals’ cozinessand its pink glittery decor, as Concrete is an industrial-styled underground space, but you will not miss Rascals’ performances. “Kiki with Drag Queens” at Concrete still serves you with incredible acts from five different artists. And yes, our fabulous red headed queen, Ginger Phlappage, is still present to host and entertain us.

It’s Cazeleon!

The venue’s stage is very close to the seating areas, meaning you will get a strong close up from all the drag queens performing. Concrete’s space provides enough tables for you to bring a big group of friends, which is always a good idea for any drag show. That and good food of course, which is something they serve at Concrete, especially their pizzas. The pricing of alcohol seems higher than what it used to be at Rascals, therefore I would recommend paying for a £16 ticket which includes a glass of Prosecco.

Now as far as the performances go, you really get more than you’d expect. Last night’s first act was performed by a blue (yes her skin WAS BLUE) bearded queen who sang Pink’s “Get the Party Started”. She did not lip-synch, she really did sing. “Cazèleon” managed to set the tone for the rest of the evening, and warmed up the stage for the rest of the queens. What a way to open the show. She even sang happy birthday in a Marilyn Monroe fashion to an 18-year old drag show virgin.

After Ginger Phlappage’s little one woman show that always makes us giggle, our local Madonna was up for a breathtaking act. Margo Marshall performed her first number “All that Jazz” wearing her sexiest outfit and a 1920s styled brunette wig. Margo never disappoints with her polished choreography and her amazing lip-synching skills. She definitely knows how to bring it on.

Up next was our favourite drama queen Grace Shush, lip synching on Barbra Streisand’s “Gotta Move”. She displays a classic Broadway style mixed with comedy glamour that just makes you wonder what her next move will be. And it is never what you think it will be. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the most gracious and glamorous Grace Shush.

Hello Margo Marshall

As always, the popular Cara Melle made quite the impression. After Grace’s act we were treated to Cara Melle’s Beyonce impersonation, which always get the straight guys in the audience sexually confused. Expect to be used as her prop during her performances as she may well give you a quick lap dance. Remember though – you can look but you can’t touch.

Last but most definitely not least, our lucky number five girl, Miss Cynthia Seaward and her amazing comedy lip-synching performance. Cynthia is the ultimate British camp queen we all need in life, she is just naturally hilarious. As Concrete’s ceiling is quite low, Cynthia had to duck down multiple time during her performance because she stands about seven feet tall in heels. I always have a soft spot for Cynthia because she has an “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude about her that is quite addictive to watch.

All the queens performed another round of amazing acts and each performance was just as good as the previous once. The show finished at 10 pm, and although security were trying to get people out of the venue, the drag queens took the time to stay for pictures with the audience. The show was an absolute treat for the eyes and the ears, and I would strongly recommend it. I will certainly go back.

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