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“The Little Death” or “La Petite Mort” is a colloquial term for the post-coital feeling of bliss; and how apt is the title of this high-octane, thrilling and unique hour of cabaret, with its orgasmic smorgasbord of spectacular spectaculars.

At just the right length and with no weak link, we are welcomed to the seasonal pop up Underbelly on the Southbank by the radiant and seductive femme fatale Bernie Dieter. Opening with a subversive Rocky Horror-esque number, she sets the bar high as Master of Ceremonies- we know instantly that we are in for an exciting and naughty night chock full of talent.


And what a treat! No act disappoints – from Bernie herself with her wicked, raunchy humour and powerhouse vocals; one of the best Drag Queens I have ever seen in the form of Myra Dubois with an excellent routine…Josh Glanc as the extremely comic disgruntled reluctant French mime artist Tipi; to two dangerously sexy, death defying burlesque acts-the gorgeous Kitty Bang Bang and hair raising Fancy Chance, brilliantly soundtracked throughout by a live, onstage four piece funk band.

The act of the night for me however was the awe-inspiring contortionist and aerial artist Beau Sargent. His body does things you wouldn’t think possible and it was a privilege to view his gloriously honed limbs up close in this intimate venue. His second act was unexpectedly poignant; I have never been moved to tears before by the talent, bravery and beauty of such an act, and the passion and performance he put into his work coupled with the stunning sultry lyrics of our host was both moving and sublime.

Punks, freaks and weirdos

With just the right amount of audience participation, and a clever mix of comedy and heart, Bernie Dieter and her assembled cast have indeed created the ultimate modern Kabarett Club “where all punks, freaks and weirdos can come out to play”…a message of inclusion and “be who you want to be” so vital in these times of discord and national angst.

Thoroughly recommended. One of the best nights I have had in ages.

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