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Over four days the SNP set out a vision for Scotland, as a welcoming, progressive, open, outward-looking and inclusive nation.

Predictably, Brexit loomed large as could be seen in the speeches by Nicola Sturgeon, Angus Robertson and John Swinney.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told delegates at the SNP conference over the weekend that Scotland “will one day become an independent country” as she stressed her intention to keep the nation “at the very heart” of Europe.

Whereas Mhairi Black has said she would welcome the Conservative government taking the UK out of the single market as it would help the SNP achieve independence for Scotland.

Charities welcomed a review announcement by First Minister, who says the failings in the system for looked after children breaks her heart.

Although much of the detail is yet to be disclosed, Sturgeon said it will look at “underpinning legislation, practices, culture and ethos” and would try to create a system that supports the more than 15,000 looked after young people in Scotland, rather than hinder them from achieving.

The review, she added, would be “driven by people who have experience of care” and examine how Scotland treats its looked after children.

Delegates also backed the decriminalisation of cannabis for medicinal use.

They called on the UK Government to devolve the power to regulate the drug to the Scottish government.

The SNP’s conference heard from multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferer Laura Brennan-Whitefield, who called on the party to show “compassion and common sense” over the issue.

“I’m not advocating the smoking of cannabis, what I’m advocating is a progressive and reasonable, compassionate society where you can access pain relief,” she said.

Derek Mackay, the Scottish Government’s Finance Secretary said: “Following Theresa May’s Ukip-style rally and Labour, astonishingly, choosing to ignore Brexit, the SNP conference will counter the nasty, divisive rhetoric from the Tories.

“Scotland is an open, tolerant and welcoming nation, and our priority is making this a better country for everyone who lives here, regardless of where they come from.

On healthcare Sturgeon has warned of “tough decisions” for the NHS as the country adapts to an ageing population by shifting money away from hospitals to GPs and community care and announced an extra £500m investment in GP practices and health centres by 2021.

But she added: “To make our NHS fit for the future we must reform as well as invest. That will involve tough decisions – but the challenge of an ageing population demands it. The NHS of the future must be built on a real shift from acute care to primary and community care.”

The First Minister closed conference with a speech on the commitment to inclusion. You can watch the speech in full below:

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