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Queers without Beers, London’s only queer dry social night, will be popping up on the first Thursday of every month in its own new venue.

London’s bar scene is growing on a daily basis. You can’t turn left without seeing a new pub or bar boasting something ‘new’. So what makes Shoreditch’s Queers without Beers any different? By taking alcohol, quite literally, out of the mix, this ‘pop-up’ venture has created an alternative intimate space that the city can be proud of.

Queers Without Beers is a friendly social aimed at people from the LGBTQ+ community who would prefer to socialise without the added pressure of drinking.

What started as a one-off event between Club Soda and London Friend to support their Sober Start fundraising campaign in January 2016 has now grown and found a permanent ‘pop-up’ home in the Paper and Cup Shoreditch.

Founder of queer-run company Club Soda, Laura Willoughby says: “Queers Without Beers welcomes the whole LGBTQ+ community, whether you have never drunk before, have given up, considered moderation, or simply just want night off the sauce!”

Fancy trying it for yourself?

The next event is on:
Thursday September 1st from 6:30pm.
Paper and Cup
18 Calvert Avenue, London, E2 7JP

For further information visit their Facebook page.

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