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Dear Libby,

I guess I’m asking a question my head already knows the answer to but my heart is still holding on. My partner and I got on ice last November and split in February for 2 months. I got clean and she begged me to come back and help her. Well I’ve been back for a month and half and nothing has changed. I’m normally a strong person but she’s breaking me with her paranoia and constant criticism and control.  I just don’t know anything anymore, never been so lost in my life. As I said I guess I already know the answer but any advice you can offer would be great.



Dear Confused

You are  wise enough to say “I already know the answer” and yes, you do.  Never underestimate that inner voice, that gut feeling, that instinct that tells you to get out – to leave – to protect yourself.

Your whole mind and body knows that you must leave, but something is holding you back.

Ask yourself why you are so afraid to leave, the answer might be the key.

With any volatile situation you must work out your “non negotiable” list. Write down the things you absolutely will not put up with and if that line is crossed, then you’re out. It’s a non negotiable.

There are many helpful sites on line and call centres that will assist you also.

A few helpful links below to explore:

Family Drug Support Australia

Taking Action, Stopping Ice

Find the strength, because you already know what you need to do to find happiness.



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