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A survey suggests that majority of the LGBT+ community feel the need to lie about their gender or sexual identity.

Pride in London, in partnership with Quadrangle Research, commissioned a survey of more than 1000 LGBT+ people asking how they felt about divulging their private lives publicly.

Ahead of Saturday’s Pride celebration, 74% said they still felt the need to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity, while 77% say they feel uncomfortable being their true self in public, compared to just 23% of the general population.

Chair of Pride in London, Michael Salter-Church, said: “Great progress has been made in the name of LGBT+ equality in recent years, but these figures show the striking reason why Pride is still as important as ever.”

The charity commissioned a second survey among the general population, which showed a “huge difference” compared with LGBT+ people. The poll further shows that 2% of the population have been bullied at work because of their gender, compared to 10% of the LGBT respondents.

In particular, 59% of LGBT respondents had felt threatened by other people’s attitudes and behaviours towards them, compared with 16% of the wider population.

Marketing Director of Pride in London, and Deputy Chair at Quadrangle Research, Alison Camps said: “As well as changing laws we need to change hearts and minds. Pride in London gives us an incredible day to celebrate who we are, and give people the confidence to be proud.

“This is what this year’s campaign #nofilter is all about. We will recognise those people who must live life under a filter, fight for them, and celebrate a day of #nofilter.”



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