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Students across the UK are calling for universities to provide separate accommodation for LGBT people.

Currently Birmingham University offers first year LGBT the option of away living from heterosexual students.

But University of York and University of Central Lancashire students in Preston have called for specific LGBT accommodation to be designated to undergraduates to avoid risk of discrimination, reports the Sunday Times.

They argue that this would allow LGBT students to integrate without fear of ‘victimisation as well as homophobia, biphobia and transphobia from flatmates’.

This move comes as universities, colleges and schools in the UK are beginning to introduce gender-neutral toilets.

The National Union of Students’ LGBT campaign’s guidance will point to case studies in US colleges, where LGBT-only dorms are commonplace.

Critics have argued the move could leave LGBT students ‘more isolated’.

Chairwoman of the University of Central Lancashire Student’s Council Sana Iqbal disagreed saying it would be better to raise awareness of the issues LGBT students face

She added: “Let’s not make LGBT students more isolated into smaller groups and build more barriers.”

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