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Theologian, broadcaster, keynote speaker and LGBT activist Vicky Beeching is to present  Songs of Praise, which airs on May 15.

The Oxford-educated broadcaster- who shot to fame as the British star of the American Christian rock scene and one of the most successful artists in US churches – is now one of the most sought-after religious commentators in Britain.

An out, gay Christian, she works at the intersection of LGBT equality and faith, campaigning to make religion a more welcoming place for LGBT people and allies.

Prior to coming out, Vicky was an internationally known thought-leader and ‘poster girl’ within the conservative Christian church.

The programme, which was hosted throughout the ’80s by Welsh legend Harry Secombe, has held a special place in the nation’s heart for over half a century. Songs of Praise is part of the fabric of British life on Sundays for two million faithful viewers.

Vicky announced on social media today that she is: “Filming my first piece as a presenter for BBC1’s Songs of Praise today. Should be a fun day 🙂 Airs on May 15th.”

She will be a welcome addition to the established presenting team including Aled Jones, Sally Magnusson, Pam Rhodes and Bill Turnbull.

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