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Broken Rainbow, the National LGBT Domestic Violence Charity, has faced a number of financial challenges over the last few months with regards to their funding.

Their service is a crucial lifeline for thousands of LGBT people experiencing domestic violence and abuse. The charity was coming to the end of its main funding stream in March and had no clear confirmation from the Home Office whether it will be extended.

However, today Broken Rainbow have announced that they have received payment of their Home Office grant meaning they can continue with the vital support they offer the LGBT community.

Broken Rainbow UK is the only national organisation that offers help and support via its helpline and online chat services to those in abusive and violent relationships and has seen a significant increase in the demand for its services. CEO Jo Harvey Barringer said: “This year more people than ever have contacted us looking for help, advice and practical support in regard to their abusive relationships.10000 people came to us and we were there to listen, if we were to close many of these people would go unheard. The demand for our services has never been greater.”

Services have expanded in the last 12 months to include a legal assistance programme that offers up to 60 minutes free legal advice, and an LGBT Independent Domestic Violence Advisor in Greater Manchester offering immediate emergency practical support to LGBT Victims. It also has other important projects lined up for later this year. “This takes sustainable finance and like many small LGBT charities this is something we desperately lack,” said Harvey Barringer.

A year on and they once again faced the same challenges as they did last year around government funding but thanks to the support of Metro Charity by way of an injection of financial support they were able to continue working through the month of March. Dr Greg Ussher, CEO, METRO Charity said “We are absolutely delighted that the Home Office have finally confirmed funding for the Broken Rainbow helpline! We are pleased to have been able to provide a support package, plugging the gap, helping to keep their vital helpline open whilst waiting for Home Office funds.

“METRO has seen the harsh impact that austerity is having across the LGBT sector, and understand the financially delicate situation in which many organisations now find themselves. We are in a position to be able to assist and feel it is our responsibility to help when we can, bringing a cooperative and proactive approach that delivers for the communities we collectively serve.

“We want to see a strong and diverse sector, a sector with a range of grassroots, service providing organisations, committed to addressing same-sex domestic violence, and providing real assistance to people on the ground.”

Faced with the unimaginable situation of facing possible closure, a huge rally on social media from the Pink Press, LGBT networks and individuals sharing the message Broken Rainbow secured news from the Home Office that payment would be made overnight, alongside individual donations that amount to over £3000 and climbing.

OutNews Global are pleased that we were able to support Broken Rainbow in their appeal.


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