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Lots Holloway’s latest single, Be Naked, is a raw and profoundly honest depiction of a relationship break up and its aftermath and is without doubt the Cornish chanteuse’s finest work to date.

The multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter has been threatening to break into the big time for a while and, if there’s any justice in the world, that time is now. Like the very best pop songs, Be Naked is at once universal and personal, and all but the most stonehearted will find something of themselves in Holloway’s plaintive lyricism. We’ve all been there, but few of us have been able to describe the break-up experience with such sublime poetic force.

“It’s a painful song for me”, Holloway explains, “and perhaps that’s why it seems to connect so deeply with people. It’s an authentic representation of two hearts sad for what they’re losing, or what they’ve already lost. I’ve never been this honest in my songwriting, and it’s scary to feel this exposed and vulnerable, but in ways I think that nervous edge is what makes any art so powerful.”

Holloway’s melody reflects not only her lyrics, but also the nature of a relationship coming to an end. The 4/4 triplet flow is interrupted by a disjointed stop/start feel that almost feels as though we may move time signature, echoing how the dynamics of a relationship can change without warning.

Be Naked doesn’t only mark the end of an era in Holloway’s personal life, it signals a coming of age and growing maturity of a star in the making.

Get Be Naked on Spotify here.


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